Driving the sustainability agenda: smart policy and the capability for social innovation


Dr Stefan Crets - Executive Director of CSR Europe

May 2014

Recently the European Commission proposed a directive on enhanced transparency and reporting on sustainability of companies. However, reporting is only a means to an end and the real challenge for business is to take the business opportunity from dealing with sustainability issues at local, regional and international level. Therefore it is important to be able to manage the business and sustainability agenda as one, to integrate sustainability in business management. Recent research from CSR Europe shows that there is room for improvement and if we want to enhance the unique competitiveness of business in Europe, more collaboration for social innovation might be one of the key drivers.


Stefan Crets is Executive Director of CSR Europe, the European platform for companies and stakeholders to exchange and cooperate to become European leaders in sustainable competitiveness and societal wellbeing. From 2002 onwards, Stefan worked as the CSR leader at Toyota Europe where he developed and implemented a new strategy which informed Toyota's worldwide approach. In 2008, Stefan was appointed General Manager for Corporate Planning and CSR, Toyota Europe. 

Prior to his experiences at Toyota, he was Programme Advisor at the King Baudouin Foundation, and started his professional career as a research academic at the University of Antwerp. 

Stefan’s deep knowledge of corporate sustainability challenges brings CSR Europe firsthand experience of developing CSR strategy and practice in a company.