Experiencing Products - Emotions through virtual multisensory prototypes


Prof. Monica Bordegoni - Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano

May 2014

In an era of globalization and strong competitiveness, companies must deal with how to improve their products from a functional point of view, but especially from an experiential and emotional perspective.

It is strategic that the experience with products is effective and satisfactory for the users. The elicited emotions also play a key role in the product experience. We are often emotionally engaged when we see a product for the first time, which strikes our senses and provokes positive feelings. So, eliciting positive emotions in users contributes in making successful products: if they like them, it is likely that they buy them.

It is therefore strategic to design products that cause positive experiences and elicit positive emotions, already from a first sight. The question is how to make sure that a product elicits positive emotions since the initial design phases, when the product is not really there. Modern technology allows the simulation of products and of the experience with products, where the products are not real, but are virtual multisensory prototypes.


Monica Bordegoni is full professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, School of Design at Politecnico di Milano. She teaches Virtual Prototyping at the School of Design and at the School of Industrial Engineering, and is coordinator of the Virtual Prototyping Lab.

Her reserch interest includes interactive Virtual Prototyping, Virtual/Augmented technology for industrial applications, haptic technlogy and haptic interaction, product experience, emotional engineering. She is member of the executive committee board of ASME Society - Computers and Information in Engineering, and co-chair of the DesignSociety SIG on Emotional Engineering.